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Cams hermaphrodites

If the good folks at Disney had gotten the science right, it would have made for a very different film indeed, which North Carolina State fish biologist Patrick Cooney describes at The Fisheries Blog: Father and mother clownfish are tending to their clutch of eggs at their sea anemone when the mother is eaten by a barracuda.

Nemo hatches as an undifferentiated hermaphrodite (as all clownfish are born) while his father transforms into a female now that his female mate is dead.

Flatworm sex consists of the two attempting to stab their lover with their pointed pair and inseminate each other..act delicately referred to as "penis-fencing."But there's nothing delicate about it. The winning father can go out and about in the world without any further responsibility. It must now work longer and harder to find food and stay alive. The mother crawls along looking for a meal, already the responsible one.

The rest of the group is made up of progressively smaller non-breeders, which have no functioning gonads.Those jutting white nibs aren't weapons-at least, not intentional ones.They are actually the worm's penises-a double-barreled inseminator-if they can shoot first.Sequential hermaphroditism (called dichogamy in botany) is a type of hermaphroditism that occurs in many fish, gastropods, and plants.Sequential hermaphroditism occurs when the individual changes sex at some point in its life.

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These immature males can turn into females if the alpha female dies.