Free adult nappy chat

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reserve the right to remove samples you've tried previously from your order.This helps us ensure adequate samples are available from the manufacturers.That way, if you need to see to another child for a moment, your baby can't fall.It's best done sitting down so you don't hurt your back.

Some babies have very delicate skin and need changing as soon as they wet themselves, otherwise their skin becomes sore and red.

With their large area of coverage and highly absorbent cores, adult diapers provide the highest level of incontinence protection available.

Similar to adult pull ups, adult briefs have tabs for easier removal when the user is bed-ridden or dependent on a caregiver, and are therefore recommended for less active individuals.

Mummy will start by taking off your 'real time' clothes and dressing you in your rompers nappy and bonnet for some playtime.

Mummy will then give you a nice warm bath with some baby bubble bath and your rubber duckies. Once dried and powdered Mummy will then put you into your nappy & ' Jim-jams' then give you some eggy-weggy with soldiers Then you can have a nice bottle of milky-wilky As yet, no fire flood or famine in sight, so as promised, can I verify our appointment for Tuesday 27th at around 10.30am in the morning if this is still okay with you!

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Most stores only carry a limited range of brands and sizes, and with prices ranging from $15 to $25 per package, the cost to try 5 different products can be well over $100.