Heart to heart speed dating

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Heart to heart speed dating

This was our first time meeting many of these couples face-to-face.

It was a privilege to hear their stories and the ways that God had blessed them.

, with over 400 singles showing up for speed dating!

We held four rounds of speed dating on one side of the room, along with interactive games, ice-breakers, and fellowship on the other side.

We had a blast, learned a lot, and look forward to the next time.

One of the most special parts of the conference was the marrieds’ breakfast, our first-ever event for couples who met through DTHS.

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I was in the Rare Books room of Greenwich Village’s legendary Strand Bookstore, on another gritty, hard-hitting reporting assignment, investigating an annual event called Literary Speed Dating. ” or “Hey, are you going to drink the rest of that? A fevered embrace atop of a stack of rare paperbacks? Near the Max Brenner chocolate stand in the center of the room, a middle- aged woman with a microphone began to speak.

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The middle-aged woman talked for a few more minutes, over gales of nervous laughter, but I had other things on my mind. Here we were: a bunch of hopeful, hopeless romantics, going out of our way on a cold night to engage in awkward, mostly meaningless three-minute conversations with perfect strangers. To go to these lengths just to tell someone that the "Game of Thrones" books are so much better than the show would be preposterous and futile; no, in fact, the majority of discussion wasn’t literary at all.

She could have been improvising bawdy limericks or outlining a 9-9-9 economic plan for all I was paying attention: frankly, this is the point in the story where your intrepid reporter’s journalistic professionalism wavered. ” The guy next to me leaned over then and pointed to the book he had brought: as well. Rather, most of us preferred to discuss the obvious: how odd it was to be speed-dating, how we didn’t normally do things like speed-date, how speed-dating as a concept was antithetical to our personalities, how we weren’t even really, like, looking for romance anyway. This was not just a collection of literary-minded people smugly seeking other literary-minded people to delicately paw at, but rather a case of just people seeking people.

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Looking around, feeling lost for about the 10,000th time since moving to this monstrous city, I began to question myself.

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