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"Une fois entrés dans la vie active, il est de plus en plus difficile de faire de nouvelles rencontres.

On a certes ses amis, on connaît même les amis de ses amis mais après c'est l'impasse.

D’autres organisateurs vont être spécialiste des After Work, plus réservés à une clientèle de bureau.

Qui souhaiterait se divertir après le travail, sans rogner sur leur nuit et leur sommeil.

Venez vous rencontrer autour d'un speed dating entre célibataires.

Le speed dating fait référence à une façon de rencontrer des célibataires en quelques minutes, les uns après les autres, afin d'aller à l'essentiel pour déterminer si la personne peut être revue plus longuement.

(93) (Tuesday 26th October 2004) Prod# 2T5306 Doyle is jealous when Glenn's article gets picked up by the New York Times; Rory discovers that Logan, the son of a newspaper magnate, is also on the staff of the paper; Paris wages a fierce campaign to get the religion beat, and takes an ecumenical approach to alienating the local clergy; desperate for a story idea for her features assignment after several concepts fail to pan out, Rory uncovers a secret Yale society which counts Logan as a member, and enlists his cooperation in getting a story on the group; Sookie becomes upset when the Inn's accountant suggests dropping lunch temporarily to save money and Norman Mailer stakes out a table in the dining room to work and give interviews, and refuses to order anything from the menu except iced tea; Lorelai and Rory show up for Friday night dinner, and when they discover that neither Emily nor Richard are home, decide to order pizza and eat on the living room floor; Christopher calls Lorelai in a panic when Sherry suddenly decides to move to Paris, leaving him unprepared to care for a colicky Gigi; and after freaking out completely over Norman Mailers constant presence Sookie realizes that her extreme emotions and sensitivity in the past days are the result of her being pregnant again. Kim flips out after Kyon tells her that Lane and Zach hugged in Luke's Diner; when the pressures of being new homeowners lead Liz and T. When Lorelai learns that Christopher's father just died, she spends the evening at his place trying to comfort him, then disdains to tell Luke the truth about where she was.Grand bien lui en a pris, le concept, qui a près de 6 ans d'existence, a déjà conquis près de 100.000 célibataires et est décliné dans plus d'une vingtaine de villes en France.En deux mots, Pastas Party, c'est une soirée entre célibataires le dimanche soir autour de bons plats de pâtes dans des restaurants privatisés pour l'occasion et dans une ambiance très très conviviale.Nous vous proposons de venir découvrir un brunch unique en son genre à Paris, un concept original pour rencontrer de nouvelles têtes et faire de nouvelles connaissances autour d’un Brunch buffet, dans une ambiance décontractée et conviviale, au restaurant Le Bizen situé à quelques pas de la Place de l'Opéra et de la Place de la Bourse, dans un décor lounge et cosy.De 13h à 13h30 nous vous accueillons et vous proposons de faire connaissance dans la bonne humeur et la décontraction avec tous « les bruncheurs ».

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5.01 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (88) (Tuesday 21st September 2004) Prod# 2T5301 Things are still testy between Lorelai and Rory, and Rory's refusal to discuss the Dean situation causes Lorelai anguish; Emily announces that she and Richard have separated; Sookie is ecstatic when Kirk tells her that Luke and Lorelai kissed; Rory's attempt to meet Dean and discuss what happened leads to a lot of action, but no talk; Dean provokes an argument with Lindsay after leaving Rory's house; Emily decides to go to Europe and invites Rory to accompany her; Lorelai and Luke are very tentative with each other the day after until they are able to reassure each other that they're on the right path; Luke heads off to Maine for a week to help Liz and T. with their Ren Faire booth; Rory decides that she needs a break from both Dean and her mother, and decides to take her grandmother up on her invitation to go to Europe.5.02 - A Messenger, Nothing More (89) (Tuesday 28th September 2004) Prod# 2T5302 T. is milking his injuries for all he's worth, but Luke decides that it's time to go home after seven weeks on the Ren Faire circuit; Rory calls to apologize and to ask her mother to deliver a letter to Dean; Sookie accurately diagnoses Lorelai with a bad case of management burnout, and the two friends decide to decompress with a girls-day-out; Emily and Rory come home exhausted from fending off the attentions of randy European men; Michel is wildly unenthusiastic when he's pressed into babysitting for guests whose children take an inexplicable shine to him; after Lindsay finds Rory's letter, she throws Dean and all his possessions out of the house, and her mother has an angry confrontation with Lorelai in the town square; Lane realizes that she's falling for Zack; Rory is saddened when Dean expresses regret for the shift in their relationship and the harm it caused to his wife and their families.5.03 - Written in the Stars (90) (Tuesday 5th October 2004) Prod# 2T5303 Luke and Lorelai go on their official first date at a restaurant owned by old friends of Luke's parents.

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